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Phoenix Advisory Services Group, “The Phoenix Group”, is a closely held private investment and advisory services firm.  The Phoenix Group was established to leverage the decades of experience of its core team in the development and execution of complex solutions for their leading clients in the natural resources, financial services, international trade and corporate operations.

Many clients choose to collaborate with The Phoenix Group based on their expertise in bridging the divide between frontier and industrialized markets.  This unique understanding of the global marketplace ensures the holdings undertaken by Phoenix Group are appropriately scrutinized and structured, and from an advisory perspective, clients are provided with guidance and expertise in overcoming strategic obstacles in existing markets.

Growing from a base of experience in complex international finance, private equity, natural resources and market development in emerging economies, the team at Phoenix Group are not only well-versed in understanding the complex issues of their partners and clients, but in developing and implementing solutions that insulate them from undue risk, and place them well ahead of their competition.

A privately held corporation, The Phoenix Group was established in the international financial centre of the United Arab Emirates, offering a unique degree of privacy to its globally-oriented clients.